Posted by: Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group | January 20, 2017

Trinity Groves Adding Towers to Revitalization Efforts


While the majority of the revitalization plans for the West Dallas area known as Trinity Groves has included restaurants, the neighborhood is about to grow in a different way. Four years ago, many wondered if residents would be willing to drive to West Dallas for a new type of dining experience. It’s since been proven many will flock to the area for the right restaurants.

Now, with the success of many restaurants, developers wonder if those willing to dine in the area would rather live in Trinity Groves, stay in hotels here or even work in an office within the neighborhood. These curiosities will all be answered with the new project coming to Singleton Boulevard near the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

The goal of the new space is to create a live-work-play environment with a mixed-use project covering about 100 acres of space. It will be easily accessible to the downtown area, while providing an alternative place to live, work and play.

Until recently, the Trinity Groves area was overlooked by developers. The news of a new tower project comes as a bit of a surprise, but with the success of restaurants here developers are finally taking notice.

An 11-Year-Long Overnight Success

As with most overnight successes, this one took many years. The first land deal for the partners on the project actually closed in April of 2005. Butch McGregor, Phil Romano and Stuart Fitts started buying small commercial properties and older homes found on West Commerce and Singleton Street many years ago.


Many doubted their big plans for high-rises and new retail in Trinity Groves would ever come to fruition. However, it’s all becoming a reality as developer Columbus Reality will be creating a 349-unit apartment and retail building across the street from the very popular Trinity Groves restaurant park.

The first apartments are expected to be ready in 2017 and they have already started to lease off the website.

More Than Just Apartments

While the apartment building is a large part of the redevelopment of the area, there’s an 11-story hotel and an office tower in the works, as well. The hotel will take over the site of an old concrete plant, while an old parking lot will become a new office tower.


There’s no guarantee the hotel or office tower will move forward. Developers are waiting to see what the market here wants, but they have stated the feedback has been positive. They believe building a new site in Trinity Groves will appeal to millennials due to the environment and proximity to downtown.

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