Posted by: Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group | January 16, 2017

Three West Dallas Restaurants Making a Splash

Even with a saturated Mexican food market, Julian and Beto Rodarte recently opened a new hot spot called Beto & Son. Another restaurant making a splash in West Dallas, Trompo, was recently recognized by Bon Appetit. If that wasn’t enough, the beloved Oak Cliff Italian joint called Lucia also announced the late-night pop-ups are coming back.

Beto & Son

beto-sonAfter graduating from the Culinary Institute of American in New York, Julian Rodarte and his father opened the restaurant Beto & Son. With top restaurant backers, such as Phil Romano (responsible for starting Fuddreucker’s and Romano’s Macaroni Grill), the father/son duo plans to create the next popular chain restaurant.

Beto & Son provides a menu full of surprises, such as Mexican poutine, masa fries, noodle bowls and so much more. While it’s a Mexican restaurant in a crowded Dallas market, it’s not like any other Mexican restaurant in the area. Not only will the menu set them apart, but they will also make their own tortillas and get their bread from a panaderia found just a couple blocks away.

Trompo 42

A small taqueria opened in April in West Dallas is making a huge splash. Bon Appetit recently names Trompo to their list of the 50 best new restaurants in the country. It’s the only restaurants in all of North Texas to make it on the list.

trombo-42While the location is very unassuming and easy to miss, this street taco shop is family-owned and offers Monterrey-style street tacos. The signature offering is the Trompo, which is a pork taco marinated with paprika.

The success has driven this taco shop to actually consider opening a second location. They plan to renovate a former home found on West Eighth Street in the Bishop Arts District. This new location will be named Trompo 42 and will serve beer and wine. The location will also have a patio and should be open very soon.

Once the new location opens, the original Singleton location will change the hours to just 11am to 2pm, Monday through Friday.


A final bit of restaurant news coming from a hot little place in Oak Cliff called Lucia, is all about the best bowls of ramen coming back. Chef Justin Holt recently announced he will begin to serve up the ramen bowls at late-night pop-us again. It’s expected these pop-ups will once again be very popular and the lines will form quickly. You will need cash and the bowls of ramen will be $10 while bowls of curry will be $5.

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