Posted by: Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group | January 30, 2014

Dallas Real Estate Starts off 2014 with a BANG!


The Dallas Morning News reported that a 17% increase in 2013 home sales along with a strong 4th quarter have brightened the outlook for this year’s Spring housing market. The number of homes listed with real estate agents has fallen to a near 10-year record below 20,000, but median home prices have risen 10% since 2012. What exactly does this mean for the consumer? If you find something you like, buy it! It is a seller’s market so the sooner you are able to put a viable offer in on a home, the better chance you have of securing a deal. As of right now, gone are the days of viewing 75 properties in hopes to find the “Perfect Match.” That being said, don’t sweat the small stuff and open your mind to the needs rather than relying so heavily on the wants. Focus on the trends within the community and whether they fit your budget and investment needs. Take a look at Hewitt & Habgood activity so far for the first  month of 2014…

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