Posted by: Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group | March 5, 2013

Austin-Based PSW Real Estate Could add Traffic to North Oak Cliff

Is this the New Oak Cliff?



Austin-based PSW Real Estate is planning to build 32 houses on the Incap land bounded by Kings Highway, Mary Cliff, Kyle Ave and Montclair. A main cause for concern is the possible increase in traffic to the area. PSW managing member Ryan Diepenbrock said they have successfully built similar projects of up to 50 homes allowing only one access street to the area.

The development would bring 32 single-family homes anywhere from 30-35 feet in width, but not to exceed 28 feet in height. They are not defined as ‘Zero-lot’ line homes, but Diepenbrock said that rear garages might reach some property lines. The PSW plan could offer Craftsman-style homes somewhere in the $400k range.

Who knows, with the lack of inventory right now, this might be a great boost for the area! Stay tuned as this project is still in the early stages, which should make for interesting council meetings this spring.

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